Wednesday , June 26 2019

Our Review Process

We understand how disappointing it can be if a product or a service doesn’t turn out to be what you expected. Therefore, you need to be well-informed about a particular service or a product to make a confident and appropriate purchase decision.

The Review Process

No matter which product or service we are reviewing, the process remains the same and it includes the following steps,

– Conducting category based in-depth research
– Taking expert reviews from various users of the commodity under consideration
– Considering customer feedback about the commodity
– Assessing reviews from reviews on other retailers and review sites (including Amazon, Yelp, BBB and others).
– Taking feedback from various social media channels.

We at OPC immerse ourselves in the subject at hand on a daily basis and for this reason, we have developed such a review process. It will enable us to impart a knowledge that is in-depth and unbiased and it is related to different kinds of pets too.